Pain Assessment Series
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Pain Assessment Series
The Pain Assessment Series from is designed to meet the pain assessment needs of clinicians working with patients experiencing sub-acute and chronic benign pain. The various questionnaires assist the health care provider in screening patients with chronic pain, facilitating the diagnostic decision process, and measuring treatment progress and outcome. The tools also help quantify and assess the factors that influence and maintain pain.

What Pain Assessment Series Can Do For You:
  • Gives the healthcare professional a choice of 5 different pain instruments that differ in comprehensiveness and focus.
  • Assists in screening patients, monitoring progress during treatment and measuring outcome.
  • Measures the psychological distress of the patient.
  • Measures the functional status/disability of the patient.
  • Determines the need for more comprehensive pain assessment.
  • Permits the healthcare professional a review of past administration for any patient.
  • Provides a valid and reliable self-report system that is comprehensive, easy to use and simple to interpret.
  • Makes available user-friendly, Web-based technology with fast, immediate results.