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The LAQ has been revised. The LAQ-2 is shorter and uses a True-False format. Changes made to the LAQ were based on three independent studies that demonstrated the effectiveness of the LAQ in classifying individuals who feign pain complaints. The results of these investigations support the utility of the LAQ for reaching conclusions about the presence of malingering.

The classification accuracy of the LAQ for determining pain-related malingering is examined in a paper recently published in the journal Behavioral Sciences and the Law.

The book 10 Simple Solutions to Chronic Pain: How to Stop Pain from Controlling Your Life can be ordered from

Malingering, Deception, and Chronic Pain Assessment Instruments

HealthNetSolutions (HNS) provides online testing for healthcare professionals. A variety of assessment tools are available, especially related to chronic pain and disability. The HNS product line is useful in the diagnostic process, treatment decision-making, and measuring treatment progress and outcome.

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